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Gianluigi Buffon has called for revolutionary change to the size of goals

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Gianluigi Buffon has suggested the possibility of increasing the size of goals in what would be a revolutionary, but controversial move.

Former Juventus, PSG and Parma goalkeeper Buffon, who announced his retirement from professional football in August, made the bold suggestion to football’s authorities in a recent interview.

Back in 1863, the English FA decided that goal posts should be eight yards apart (7.32m).

And three years later, they declared that the goals should be “upright posts, eight yards apart, with a tape across them, eight feet from the ground.”

The option of a wooden crossbar was then introduced in 1875 as an alternative to tape between the goalposts, with crossbars being made mandatory.

The above measurements have remained ever since but Buffon, who is Italy’s most capped player with 176 appearance to his name, has suggested a rule change.

Speaking to Italian publication Tuttosport, Buffon highlighted the need to enlarge goalposts due to “anthropometric” shifts.

He began: “I was talking about this with my relatives and my wife the other day. When I started in 1998, I was among the top five tallest players in Serie A but last year, when I was with Parma in Serie B, I was always among the five tallest… but of the twenty-two on the pitch!

“We could start thinking about it… the size of the goalposts were determined in 1875. They were probably too big for the anthropometric values of that time. It was probably right back then but now, seeing some athletes and goalkeepers, one might think…”


Buffon added: “Even in volleyball, they discuss the height of the net. I have sisters who play volleyball, so I’m aware of the issue.

“Of course, it’s not up to me to decide. There are bodies in charge who will certainly be asking questions. Goalkeepers have become bigger, that’s true. But outfield players have also become faster, unpredictable, and they hit harder. You can see the effect of the goalkeeper’s height on long shots.

“Thirty years ago, for every fifty shots, you would score 10 goals. Today it’s three. From afar it’s much more difficult to score with a two-metre goalkeeper.”

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