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Euro 2024 draw simulator: England handed group of death while Scotland face Germany

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The Euro 2024 draw is upon us, with every country keeping their fingers crossed for a more favourable group – but how could the draw end up looking?

To help give you an idea, we simulated the Euro 2024 draw to see who each nation could end up playing against.

Holders, Italy will also be among the frontrunners, alongside the rest of Pot 1, which is made up of World Cup finalists France, tournament hosts Germany, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.


There are 20 places available at the tournament through qualifying, with the winners and runners-up from the ten groups booking their place.

Germany will automatically be awarded a spot in Group A as a top seed due to their status as hosts, with the rest of the seedings determined by each team’s qualifying record.

That leaves three spots still up for grabs which are to be decided by the play-offs, due to take place next March.

However, after simulating the draw, Three Lions supporters may be slightly less confident heading into the draw, which takes place at 5pm in Hamburg on Saturday afternoon.

Predicting the groups on Draw Simulator, England were placed in group 3 alongside reigning European champions Italy. The rest of the group was made up of the Netherlands and Hungary, with the latter topping their qualifying group.

Meanwhile, Scotland were placed in a group alongside Germany, Albania and one of Wales, Finland, Poland and Estonia – depending on who wins the play-offs.

Here is how every simulated group looked:

  1. Austria
  3. France
  4. Czech Republic
  2. Scotland
  3. Germany
  4. Albania
  1. Italy
  2. Netherlands
  3. England
  4. Hungary
  1. Slovakia
  2. Spain
  3. Denmark
  4. Switzerland
  1. Serbia
  2. Türkiye
  3. Slovenia
  4. Belgium
  1. Romania
  2. Croatia
  4. Portugal

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