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Video of Leonardo Bonucci shouting at fan who was invited onto Italy team bus goes viral

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Leonardo Bonucci has been filmed shouting at a fan who was apparently invited onto the Italy team bus by Roberto Mancini.

However, the Azzurri did participate in a friendly with Albania on Wednesday, winning 3-1 courtesy of a brace from Vincenzo Grifo and a strike from Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

But the main talking point following on from the win in Tirana was a video afterwards where Italy captain Bonucci was absolutely furious with a fan.

Over on TikTok, the clip posted by Sade Hamitii, or @Dedi__03, has garnered a whopping 3.5 million views since it was shared and has widely circulated on social media.


The video contains the caption: “Pov: the coach invites you to get on, but bonucci kicks you out.”

While only nine seconds long, we see footage of a number of Italy players sat on the coach after the game in their official suits.

But then a furious Bonucci, sat at the back, was having none of it and told the supporter, “You! No no no, get out!”

The skipper appeared to get his wish as the fan looked to exit the bus towards the end of the clip. She had previously posted videos where Italy stars such as Gianluigi Donnarumma had signed autographs upon entering the coach.

In the comments, many viewers sided with Bonucci and felt as though he was right to demand privacy in that scenario.

One wrote: “It is probably one of the few moments in which they are not in the spotlight and having the phone pointed at them can be annoying.”

Another commented: “Well I would say rightly they let her down. I really can’t understand who says Bonucci was wrong.”

A third said: “This is the only time I can agree with Bonucci.”

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